The Oer project is an initiative of Lotte de Raadt.

Lotte has a design and ceramics studio for conscious design, where she especially aspires to create public awareness on issues surrounding the usage of water.

Her designs aim to highlight the beauty of water and thereby stimulate a more conscious use of this precious natural resource.

The start

The Oer project started in 2016 together with Kirstie van Noort & Jetske Visser in Vessem, a small village in Brabant in the Netherlands. Near Vessem one of the protected groundwater production areas of Brabant Water is located. Brabant Water is responsible for providing clean drinking water to the province. The water is pumped up from hundreds of meters below the surface which has been there already for thousands of years. The oxygen in the water has disappeared and metals like manganese and iron have been dissolved in this body of water. In order to make this water potable it undergoes an intensive filter process where these metals are taken out and iron sludge as a residual material remains.