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from sludge to tile

The Oer tile is an earthenware tile colored with iron sludge. Iron sludge is a natural residual material of the production process of our tap water, which we obtain directly from the water production company in Eindhoven. We transform the iron sludge into a pigment by drying, grinding and sieving the material several times. This process results in the Oer tile which is available in series of tiles in different shades of pink.

Handmade at our studio in Eindhoven. Variations in color, shade and surface texture are natural characteristics of this product and should be expected.

Project in collaboration with Kirstie van Noort and Brabant Water.

Materials: earthenware clay, natural iron sludge and glossy transparent glaze
Dimensions: 14,5 x 7,2 cm / approx. 0,5 cm in thickness
Application: walls 
Price per square meter: €765 - €850 
Price per tile: €8,50